Abrupt Transitions

As has become semi-traditional, I spent the end of October at my dad's place in Palm Springs, where it was hot and very, very dry. I was down there for almost two weeks, which is kind of a long time to be away, but I got to be down there for Dad's 75th birthday and we watched the entire World Series (though we had to watch Game 7 on delay thanks to SoCal freeway traffic, which just made the finish that much more anticlimactic — less climatcic? — as 7 was the only game that was basically decided 20 minutes in).

It was a stark change when I got back. My system couldn't handle it, I guess. I went from sunny dry 85 degrees to snow. We voluntarily changed time zones the next day. I'd arrived in California fighting the black hole and gradually felt better while I was there and looked forward to getting back to regular life stuff, then as soon as I get back I get blindsided by germs and end up laid up for three days with a sequel to the cold and fever that hit me six weeks ago. A real compare and contrast kind of experience.

So I'm dizzy from metaphoric whiplash or something.

Good thing I voted early.

This post is meandering and serves little purpose.


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