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The current issue of The Atlantic features a lengthy piece about President Obama's foreign policy decisions and worldview. It's a terrific piece, and I recommend it (and not just because the president is described in it more than once as "Spockian"). You can see it in print or you can just go here and read it online.

I'm so gonna miss this president when his term is up, no matter who his successor is. (I caucused for Bernie yesterday, and though I'm OK with Hillary, one of the reasons I opted for Bernie is a trepidation about Hillary's foreign policy hawkishness. Also, just the concept that the longer Bernie Sanders is a viable candidate in the race, even if her doesn't win the nom, the more influence he'll have on the platform and the overall campaign, and his influence has been entirely positive.)


  • Posted by Bill on March 29, 2016 (3 years ago)

    I look forward to reading it; I've always been unhappy with Bam's drone strikes and their "collateral damage," while eventually thinking "maybe those actions are the least crappy of a bunch of crappy alternatives."  I also understand that he is far less trigger-happy than many advisers, and no doubt the DOD, would ilke him to be.

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