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Ever since my mom died last September, my life has been pretty much consumed by unpleasant things. Sure, with occasional bits of light among the dark here and there, but overall, the general state of things has been ... un-fun. It has been, I think, the most sustained period of negativity and anti-good-mood mojo from outside sources I’ve ever endured, and the sheer variety of emotions involved is quite remarkable. I have not been particularly good at managing these so-called negative emotions—my inner Vulcan has gone AWOL—and this past week I have found myself in a place I have never been before, not with all my mental health and depressive issues that go back at least 30+ years if not my whole life.

I have never been suicidal, and I am not now; I have always held onto enough optimism to keep on keeping on no matter how low my orbit around The Black Hole. But I had a stray thought as I pulled into my garage the other night: if I just left the car running, I wouldn’t have to deal with this shit anymore.

It was just a stray thought, not at all something to be actually considered, but I did find it interesting to note the thought. This experience has driven me somewhere having my heart wrenched out, shredded, chewed up, spat out, and thrown back at me never did; that being unjustly fired from a job by incompetents who failed upward never did; that grief over losses of people and pets never did; that fear of poverty and destitution never did; that betrayal from dearly-important-ex-friends never did.

One way or another, the situation will change. Whether it will change soon or down the line, in my favor or against, I’ve no way of knowing. But the status quo is untenable and will eat me alive. Enough is enough.


  • Posted by Dad on January 20, 2016 (4 years ago)

    I so agree with your sister!  This stress is NOT what your mom would have wished for you in a thousand years. Let's talk about your options . . . .

  • Posted by Bess on January 20, 2016 (4 years ago)

    You have another option, which is to not deal with this shit and go on with your life.  None of these obligations are yours truly and its not like a warrant or stalker, or collector coming after you personally, you can severe this from your person and be free of it.  I think perhaps you should.  I might do the same thing.  She never meant for you to go through all of this.  Trying to honor her wishes does not include this

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