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Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Don't Screw it Up

Yes, I've seen it. In fact, it's right here:

So what do I think? Well, it looks cool, certainly. As a Trek purist, I would object to several nerdy points of derivation from known history, but for the moment I simply choose to think of it as if it were a comic from the “Ultimate” or “All-Star” lines, kind of an “alternative universe” take on Star Trek. I am curious to see if any of these points of divergence are actually addressed in the film or if we the nitpicker squad are simply being ignored. As much of a continuity buff as I can be, though, my real concern is that the focus of the movie looks like it could be on rock-'em-sock-'em action, which often comes at the expense of character arcs and thematic elements. Ultimately (so to speak), what'll make or break this movie is its writing, so the jury has to be out until I see the whole thing....

  Posted in by Tim at 08:31 PM Pacific Time on Tuesday, 25 November 2008


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